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Overland Solutions, Inc. leads the industry offering meaningful information services specializing in premium audit services, loss control consulting, commercial inspection surveys and high value residential underwriting surveys. Dedicated to excellence, we champion accountability, integrity and professionalism. Our success is defined by the satisfaction of our business partners.

OSI Premium Audit Services

OSI Premium Audit stands out as the leading authority in the insurance industry, championing the highest standards of premium auditing. We teach and coach our Auditors to be the best in the industry. We mandate an extensive training program because we know it translates into more accurate reporting for our clients. Our exclusive program combines online training, a virtual environment, classroom education and field mentoring for every new employee.

We offer a full platform of nationwide premium audit services are completed by our all-employee audit workforce. We can partner with you to determine the best service selection to maximize your underwriting strategy and results.

Our premium audit services include:
- AuditStreamTM NEW!
- OSI Physical Audits
- OSI PIVOT Audits
- OSI Phone Audits
- OSI Voluntary Audits
- OSI Summarized & Verified Voluntary Audits
- Premium Extensions

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