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June 2013
Overland Solutions’ CFO Bryan Griffin Named a 2012 CFO of the Year
Overland Solutions, Inc. (OSI), a leader in business outsourcing services for the insurance industry, announced that Chief Financial Officer Bryan Griffin was recognized as a winner of Kansas City Business Journal’s CFO of the Year award. Bryan was named one of three winners in the medium sized company category.

The awards program, now in its sixth year, honors the Kansas City area's top financial executives. Applicants were judged for their contributions to the companies' growth and financial success, their roles in corporate management, strategic involvement and community service efforts. Awards were presented on June 24 at a special luncheon in Overland Park, KS.

As CFO and a member of the Executive Management team, Bryan worked closely with his peers and our CEO to deliver relevant and actionable data and provided recommendations and guidance for continued improvements, particularly during the past two years. Bryan ensured that OSI had the financial resources to successfully navigate through the economic undercurrents and to excel when those currents began to flow in a positive direction.

"We are very excited that Bryan’s leadership and accomplishments have been recognized by the business community in Kansas City," said Mike Ferguson, President and CEO of Overland Solutions, Inc. 

"Bryan’s contributions to OSI enabled management to make informed hiring decisions, effectively deploy human and capital resources, establish a more focused sales strategy and create a culture of proactive, positive and profitable action,” Mike said.

Bryan is a graduate of University of Kansas School of Business and is affiliated with the Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants. He currently serves on the board for the Kansas City Chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI).

April 2013
We've got you covered
Quality People Providing Quality Information
Overland Solutions, Inc.'s (OSI) nationwide team of highly trained field representatives is strategically situated to provide you with quality service where you need it.
To learn how we can help you with your OSI Premium Audit needs, contract your local 
OSI Account Manager today.

October 25, 2012Plan Ahead
Optimize Your 2013 Budget with OSI Services
As you plan now for 2013, which direction will your budget take you? Have you mapped out a route, allocating resources to get the best return for your organization? As an expert in Premium Audits and Loss Control Surveys, we offer services that can be customized to meet your exact requirements. To read more, click

September 27, 2012National Coverage
Serving You with an All-Employee Audit Team
With local roots, Overland Solutions, Inc.'s team understands your unique geographical needs. Many employees have been with OSI for over a decade; this experience allows our auditors to know the area they service as well as our customer's specific needs. To read more, click

Dec. 15, 2011
OSITrac®ASPEN Wins 2011 Adobe MAX International Award
Overland Solutions, Inc., a leader in business outsourcing services for the insurance industry, announced today OSITrac® ASPEN, their new workflow “smart forms” and data management application, won the 2011 Adobe MAX Award in the Digital Enterprise: Empowering Employees Category.
“The work of this year's winners represents some truly impressive examples of how Adobe technology is used to push the boundaries of digital expression. Work like this inspires all of us at Adobe to continue to drive breakthroughs in digital media,” said Kevin Lynch, chief technology officer, Adobe Systems Incorporate.
Overland Solutions teamed with Adobe Systems and Avoka Technologies to take on a comprehensive overhaul of OSI’s systems and processes to create a state-of-the-art field representative inventory management and smart forms system, named OSITrac® ASPEN.

“We undertook the ASPEN project to improve the productivity of our field representatives, to standardize and structure the data we are collecting and to more quickly respond to our customers’ requests for custom reports and data feeds,” said Craig Locante, President of Overland Solutions’ Survey Division.
“In addition to enhancing the quality and time service of our traditional products, ASPEN also significantly advances our data solutions capabilities,” Locante said. “This international award from Adobe is a great compliment, and is evidence that the project team has succeeded on all fronts.”
The mobile application enhances OSI’s ability to control the quality and consistency of data being captured in the field. Static forms, such as paper, Word, or Excel, are replaced with the highly trusted technology of SmartForms Apps. Field teams will be able to work on site with or without the benefit of a network connection.  Lastly, this mobile application supports the broadest possible range of computing platforms, including the transition to low cost tablet devices in the future.
Adobe received hundreds of entries from designers and developers worldwide. The top 18 entries across six categories were identified as finalists by a panel of Adobe judges and industry experts.

July 29, 2011
Customer-Centric Audit Strategy
Today's market reinforces an even greater need for making sound business decisions. I want our customers to know that we are firmly committed to our leadership position, offering nationwide, data-rich premium audit services. Our all-employee audit workforce continues to serve all 50 states with expertise and professionalism.
Moving forward, we are taking proactive steps to align our personnel to implement an enhanced customer-centric strategy. In the coming weeks, you can look forward to many exciting changes.

  • The OSI Physical Audit will offer 3 product tiers to better match your data requirements.
  • AuditStream™ will add functionality for companion policies, aiding to increase completion rates for the voluntary audits as policyholders use our innovative web portal.

  • Our predictive analytic tools maximize powerful data and modeling to improve your loss ratios and profitability.

  • A renewed emphasis on account management and customer satisfaction sustains a strong partnership with Overland Solutions, Inc.

The professionals of Overland Solutions, Inc. appreciate the confidence that you have placed in us. Gathering the highest quality of information is always our top priority.

January 25, 2011


AuditStream™ Web 2.0

Portal Reduces Insurer Risk and Costs By Boosting Completion Rates and Data Accuracy 

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Overland Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of insurance services and solutions, today announced the availability of AuditStream, a secure online premium audit solution for commercial-lines carriers. AuditStream is the first industry solution that addresses the inefficiencies and costs associated with voluntary premium audits and related work flow processes. An intuitive Web 2.0 portal, with more than a dozen industry tracks, the carrier-branded portal manages service selection, increases overall completion ratios and gives policyholders a convenient medium for accurate data submission.

AuditStream, developed by Overland Solutions, Inc., is a secure workflow-based Web portal designed to manage voluntary premium audits for commercial-lines carriers. AuditStream provides the ideal selection process for smaller Workers’ Compensation and General Liability policies, at the most affordable cost, for a completed premium audit. The patent-pending portal was created in partnership with behavioral psychologists to provide a compelling user experience. Users enter required information into a secure Web site featuring intuitive questions that help guide them through the process. AuditStream applies configurable rules and best-practice processes to increase completion rates and trigger additional data requests or phone audits if needed. Each report is reviewed by an OSI premium audit professional for quality assurance or escalation. The result is a completed premium audit that can be immediately processed and billed by the carrier, reducing the need for any follow-up with the policyholder. Completed AuditStream reports are delivered via system-to-system (S2S), Web or email transfer.

“We believe AuditStream is the first solution to address the inefficiencies and costs associated with the process of conducting voluntary premium audits. The portal provides a dynamic, user-friendly automated platform that ensures better quality data, boosts response rates and brings greater value to the market,” commented Jeffery L. Haniewich, CEO, Overland Solutions, Inc. “Much like the due diligence we conducted in designing the AuditStream interface and intuitive workflow, we also ensured the portal was field-tested and as turn-key as possible. Several leading commercial-lines carriers have been using AuditStream for their smaller premium policies and noted increased completion rates and more comprehensive data.”

ROI and Availability -- The portal delivers 30% greater completion rates – and at a lower cost – than other mediums, by enabling policyholders to enter required data using a password-protected site at their convenience within a specified timeframe, and with online help and tips. Extensive interviews with P&C insurance carriers revealed that the typical response rate for voluntary premium audits completed manually is 50%. AuditStream pilot customers reported higher completion rates of up to 86%.

The Overland Solutions AuditStream Web 2.0 premium audit portal is available today, enabling commercial-lines carriers to quickly realize ROI by cutting costs and time spent and increasing data completion and accuracy for better underwriting and reduced risk. AuditStream offers one general and more than a dozen best-practice industry tracks, advanced workflow and configurable rules. Carrier-branded portals are typically delivered in one week. Pricing is based upon volume and escalation parameters.

About Overland Solutions, Inc. -- Overland Solutions, Inc. leads the insurance industry in providing commercial-lines carriers with proven premium audit services and solutions, loss control consulting, and commercial and high-value residential surveys. The company’s AuditStream online premium audit solution increases voluntary audit completion rates to eighty percent, reducing time, costs and risk. Overland Solutions provides local service and technology expertise via a nationwide network of skilled specialists dedicated to accuracy and efficient best-practice processes that ensure delivery of timely and actionable information in every report. Formed in 2003, with 80 years of industry experience, Overland Solutions serves 22 of the top 25 A.M. Best-rated property and casualty insurers. For more information or to schedule an AuditStream demonstration, visit www.olsi.net or call 877.856.8599.

April 1, 2011

Join us at AAIS

Overland Solutions, Inc. is an inaugural AAISalliance partner and will be at the AAIS The Main Event April 10-12, 2011 in Ponte Verde, Florida. "American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) is a knowledgeable forum of experts who keep abreast of trends and issues facing the insurance industry. Our nationwide platform of services meet the needs of AAIS members," said Jeff Haniewich, CEO.



January 6, 2011

AAISalliance Partner

Overland Solutions, Inc. is an inaugural AAISalliance partner and featured on the newly redesigned website of American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS). The AAISalliance is designed to provide AAIS members special pricing and information services with preferred companies, one of which is Overland Solutions, Inc. Services from Overland Solutions, Inc. and other AAISalliance partners will be visible and readily available to AAIS member companies that use the AAISdirect internet service. Other AAISalliance partner organizations include e2value, MarketStance and RiskMeter.Featured positioning on the AAIS website means increased industry-wide promotion and awareness of the Overland Solutions, Inc. brand and services. It is also a powerful endorsement from AAIS – a national insurance advisory organization that develops policy forms and rating information used by more than 600 Property & Casualty insurers throughout the United States."AAIS is a knowledgeable forum of experts who keep abreast of trends and issues facing our industry. AAIS members appreciate the value of information and Overland Solutions, Inc. offers services to empower their best business decision-making. We look forward to assisting AAIS in its goal of providing premier and cost-effective services and information solutions to its member companies and affiliates,” said Jeffery L. Haniewich, Chief Executive Officer, Overland Solutions, Inc.

For additional information about AAIS, please visit their website at www.aaisonline.com.









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